Tellurian means 'Inhabitant of The Earth' and as earth dwellers it is our responsibility to make choices that impact this beloved land as little as possible in our daily lives and when we decide to party down! Tellurian produces impactful, nature driven designs for intimate events that are authentic to it's client with sustainable practices that are attentive to the earth without sacrificing beauty.

Val Hunter

Owner, Florist & Planner

 Photo By Ryan Johnson

Photo By Ryan Johnson

 Photo by Ryan Johnson

Photo by Ryan Johnson



In business and in weddings, a lot of waste can be created, all for one day of happiness! Tellurian strives to implement extensive sustainable practices and provides recommendations to clients to help them make choices that are low impact and eco-conscious.

Here is what Tellurian is doing to leave a positive mark on this earth:

  • Extensive paper and product recycling.

  • Using recycled product and materials made sustainably.

  • Supporting local artists and growers.

  • Sourcing organic, fair trade flowers as much as possible.

  • Collaborating with vendors who share our earth friendly vision.

  • Omitting certain practices in floral design that can harm the earth such as chemical preservatives and floral foam. Note: Floral foam NEVER biodegrades and a majority of florists use it. We do not.

  • Clients can choose to donate their floral arrangements after events.

  • Leave No Trace. We totally support outdoor weddings but we will never permanently altar a landscape or disturb plant life and living creatures for an event.